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Interpreting customized consulting - accordingly, your event becomes a success

Even before the interpreting itself, we provide personal consulting and prepare the event for you. With this, we assume a hard work part in the preparation of the event for you. For example, we provide support in the technical organization you need and we assure that the type of interpreting is ideally adequate to your needs.

Types of Interpreting

Not all interpreting is the same. There are different techniques in which the spoken contributions can be translated into the target language. We suggest the best solution for your event. We are experts in these types of interpreting:

Interpreting skilled technique and customized consulting

Simultaneous interpreting

In the simultaneous interpreting, the speak is “simultaneously” translated; that is to say, the speak in a foreign language is transmitted to the target language almost in real time. This type of interpreting is adequate, for example, to bigger conferences or when it is necessary to translate more than one target language. Usually, interpreters are in soundproof “cabins”, so your lecture is not disturbed by them, although all listeners can follow the presentations simultaneously.

Consecutive interpreting

Here, the interpreter transmits and speaks only after presentations or, at least, when bigger parts of the speak are concluded. Generally, the advantage of consecutive interpreting is that it is not necessary a conference special technique. In return, the event duration is substantially greater.

Negotiations interpreting

In negotiations interpreting, speaks are not only translated from a language to another, but also there is a dialogue being translated in both directions. For example, a negotiation between a Portuguese-speaker partner and a German-speaker can be intermediated.

Interpreting service via telephone

The interpreting service via telephone is consecutive, where participants speak “one after the other”. Usually, the interpreter connects to the telephone conference in course.

Interpreting service via video conference

Interpreting service via video conference is done through a special software made for conferences to provide a joyful environment between the conference team and the interpreter. Oral communication is supported by visual contact and gestures.

We are also glad to debate another kinds of interpreting or your private wishes. A professional and customized consulting is natural for us!

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Interpreting technique

Like an interpreter’s job, interpreting technique is a question of confidence: in decisive moments, there cannot be any disorder. It will be a pleasure to make a customized budget on the conference technique needed and to provide consulting, for example, in the use of microphones or simultaneous interpreting cabins. Here, we work in direct contact with our partner expert technicians. We are naturally prepared to attend before, during or after the event.

Do you wi­sh a bud­get or have any doubts?

You’re only an e​mail or call away. It will be a pleasure to help you!

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