Professional languages fornation

Professional languages formation for technicians and leaders with native teachers

Professional languages formation for technicians and leaders with native teachers

Learn languages with every sense!

Each human being is unique, each one of us learn individually and each one of us has a different goal with the language. Therefore, in our languages formation, there is no fixed concept for everyone, but, instead, there is an individual concept for each attendant, regardless your choice for individual or group training. We approach your needs in a criative way and we offer a thrilling and cheery training according to our linguistic concept. Cross-cultural aspects and way of treatment of the target language are important components of our languages native formation.

Portuguese language courses

You need a trainer engaged to German and Portuguese languages. Do you seek for motivated and native experts in other languages? Also here, Ilaine Dis­tler and her team are your right contact.

Our method

Various language knowledges previously existent merge into a new language. Through it, we activate and integrate your sleepy knowledge. This anchoring in languages already known is faster and truly more efficient. Learn languages in every way!

We go to your company

You safe time and resources, and we can have an ideal idea on the demands of your activity and branch. With this, the formation is adapted in a more efficient way. 

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