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Portuguese language, with around 240 million native speakers, is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is spoken in four continents, for example in Brazil, in African countries like Angola and Mozambique, in old colonies in Asian countries and, naturally, in Portugal. According to experts, the number of Portuguese speakers will significantly grow in the next decades. With this, the value of the Portuguese language in the politics-economical global scenario grows.

Portuguese ⇆ German and English translations: for the international success of your project

A correct translation demands, besides the knowledge of the source and target languages, security in the use of the technical terminology and the construction of deep knowledge on the area of interest. Are the rhetorical quality and precise expression of Portuguese and German texts or documents important? For this, quality native translations are needed.

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Ilaine Distler – Professional Translation Office Portuguese ⇆ German

In the Ilaine Distler translation office, only native speakers are responsible for Portuguese, German and English translations. Since 1997, we work for international clients of the various sectors. The cooperation of many years based on the trust of our colleagues allows us to execute bulky translation jobs in short perods of time with highest quality. We are a professional team of autonomous experts. Direct cooperation between the parties and the partnership contacts with our clients are the basis of our philosophy and guarantee better results. All translations are,­ upon client’s request, revised by a native speaker reviser. Upon request, we also provide revision services to your texts and documents already written in Portuguese.


Portuguese to German translation and more

Portuguese ⇆ German and English translator for many formats

For companies or private clients, we are your experts in different text formats. For example, we assume informative professional translations, product and companies’ presentations, webpages and other documents.

Certified Translations

Do you need a certified translation for a presentation before a German or Portuguese-speaker authority? As a certified translations service, we make certified translations of your documents. More information »»

Portuguese translation in Germany

Technical Translations Portuguese ⇆ German and English

Special expertise is requested on the translation of technical texts. Here, besides the corresponding specific terminology, the knowledge of the subject on the matter area is also a requirement for a correct translation. As a technical translations office, we are experts in different technical areas. 

Using modern translation technologies, among others, Tra­dos Studio 2021, even in broader documents, terminological specifications must be maintained. The singular vocabulary of your company is stored in a terminology database; important data are reused in future projects, generating a high value of recognition in your target public.

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